Meet Blyncsy™ in Two Minutes

Who we are

Founded in 2014, Blyncsy™ is the big data solution we have all been waiting for. Through our proprietary Blyncs™ devices, we capture the movement of people and connected devices almost anywhere. This allows us to perform a virtual traffic study every second of every day in near real time. Our powerful analytics platform then generates actionable insight for our customers allowing them to focus on Moving Forward Faster™. 

Blyncsy™ is an ecosystem of change with the power to make the traffic grid a more efficient place, reduce carbon emissions, bringing new businesses to a city, improving the flow of traffic and so much more. Our company has flourished under the management and leadership of its Executive Team and is moving into new arenas. Our user-specific offerings and features provide our customers with the tools to get them Moving Forward Faster™.


Our Mission

Build a better world with data.


Our Vision

Always do the right thing.
Do it right the first time.
Deliver clarity and simplicity.
Make the world a better place.