Blyncsy takes every precaution in ensuring the safekeeping of data and is committed to the protection of privacy. Blyncsy fulfills this commitment in two ways: 


1) The data we collect is anonymous.

Blyncsy collects anonymized data emitted through electronic signals. We do not track serial numbers or phone numbers. And we don’t collect your personally identifiable information either. You are anonymous to us.


2) The data is aggregated.

We believe in collecting anonymized data to better understand the habits and trends of groups of people; we do not visualize data on any one particular person or device. The de-identified electronic signals that ping our sensors are sent to a database and aggregated with billions of other data points and analyzed at the population level, not at the individual level.


If you are not comfortable with sharing your anonymous and aggregated data, no problem! We respect and value your wishes.  Please feel free to opt-out at anytime here.

If you would like to see the full details, please review the complete Privacy Policy.