The BLYNCS Sensor

The BLYNCS Sensor


Blyncsy At-a-Glance

Blyncsy has created a unique traffic sensor that picks up your electronic signals as you pass regularly throughout the day—without acquiring any of your personal or private data.

These devices are housed in small, discrete boxes that are usually mounted on street or light poles.

The data that we retrieve is completely anonymous and is housed in a secure database. This revolutionary service has made it possible to understand trends and give insights and analytics from the real world—like Google does online.

Case Study


Park City, Utah is home to world-class skiing, 5-star hotels, the Sundance Film Festival, and much more. While boasting a population of just under 8,000 people, Park City welcomes over two million visitors every year. 

Imagine what Park City's local businesses and chambers of commerce could do if they had the answers to these questions:

  • How are the over two million annual Park City visitors traveling there?
  • Where are those visitors going?
  • Where are they eating and shopping?

This is where Blyncsy comes in. Blyncsy has installed 25 data sensors in and around Park City which gives the city's local businesses the data that they need in order to better understand where people go and how they spend their money. These insights can help boost local sales, increase tax revenue and reduce the burden on Park City taxpayers. Along with valuable business insights, Blyncsy offers the city important traffic and congestion information to reduce commute time or to get you on the slopes faster. With Blyncsy, the applications are as broad as your imagination.


Park City: Client Testimonial

“Blyncsy’s live data has allowed us to develop targeted action plans to respond to high traffic days in ways that, in the past, simply were not possible. Blyncsy has been a valued partner in areas of traffic management and event planning – and we are now looking to use their services to support other activities such as understanding trail utilization patterns and economic impact forecasting. We have been partners with Blyncsy for over a year and they have exceeded my expectations. Blyncsy’s technology solution is innovative and their team is bright and creative. That combination has made Blyncsy an invaluable partner. I highly recommend  Blyncsy as a true partner who can help your organization understand the habits and trends of your citizens or customers.” 

— Diane Foster, City Manager, Park City, UT


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