ITD Case Study

Solving Work Zone Headaches with Smart Data Tools for Engineers and Consumers Alike

Work Zone Headaches

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), like many DOTs, must meet the demands of a growing population and mitigate the strains that growth puts upon DOT infrastructure. ITD is facing large work zone projects--including I-15, US-20 and US-91, which are simultaneously under construction. ITD realizes that construction projects can cause numerous headaches, such as: 

•    decreased air quality due to idling
•    reduced productivity

•    Set work hours
•    inform frustrated commuters

•    congestion
•    travel delays
•    increased accident frequency
•    construction overages 

How Blyncsy Can Help Your Work Zones  

Blyncsy partnered with ITD to deploy its remote Sensors-as-a-Service™ from the Utah/Idaho border all the way to the Montana border. The sensors anonymously collect unique identifiers from devices that pass by to understand congestion, travel times and delay.

Blyncsy has been able to utilize the data collected along these routes, all while integrating additional data sources, to provide ITD with the most up to date and comprehensive data, allowing ITD to make intelligent decisions across its roadways. 

The data has allowed ITD to make informed decisions when it comes to relaying travel information to commuters and coordinating with construction companies, to keep traffic flowing and travelers’ commutes safe and timely. 

The BLYNCS Sensor

The BLYNCS Sensor


Blyncsy At-a-Glance

Blyncsy has created a unique traffic sensor that picks up your electronic signals as you pass regularly throughout the day—without acquiring any of your personal or private data.

These devices are housed in small, discrete boxes that are usually mounted on street or light poles.

The data that we retrieve is completely anonymous and is housed in a secure database. This revolutionary service has made it possible to understand trends and give insights and analytics from the real world—like Google does online.

The Pulse analytics platform supported by the Blync 1218, Solar, 1218X or Blyncsy Intersect provides you with insights without the friction of dealing with hardware.

ITD: Client Testimonial

“We have been very pleased with the willingness of the Blyncsy team to help our organization with tracking delay times imposed from our construction projects. They have created an exceptional customized website with real time data that allows us to make critical decisions to traffic control in the field. We recommend Blyncsy be a part of your team for innovative solutions.” 

— Drew Meppen, ITD District 6


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