Blyncsy Hires Tim Gibson, Senior Manager of Sales & Business Development

Blyncsy hires veteran sales executive, Tim Gibson, to lead sales and business development  #SmartCity #IoT #ConnectedVehicles #V2X #BigData #Analytics


Blyncsy today announced the hire of Senior Manager of Sales and Business Development, Tim Gibson. The company makes sense of our rapidly changing world with a game changing Movement Insight Platform. Blyncsy empowers cities, companies and leaders to make informed decisions based on deep insight into the movement of people.

“Blyncsy’s vision is to equip smart cities with the data and tools to understand mobility and build the connected and autonomous future” said Gibson. “With half our population living in cities, our world needs an operating system designed for multi-modal, organic mobility. It’s about understanding how we move through the world so that we can optimize the flow of people, goods and services,”. By decoding the logistics of movement, Blyncsy is poised to deliver on the promise of a connected world. “People want mobility that allows them maintain quality of life without sacrificing safety, access or efficiency.”

For the past 20 years Tim has been evangelizing technology. From small startups to large enterprise, he has focused on advocating technical solutions that bring tangible value to customers. Previous to joining Blyncsy, Tim worked in the mobility space, managing the sales channel for Wavetronix and web marketing firm Referral Experts both located in Utah County and part of Utah’s burgeoning Silicon Slopes. Tim has been a leader in sales and marketing with Morris Communications, Novacoast and Brain Rush.

Tim holds a BA in Film Studies and a BUS in Media Arts from the University of Utah.


About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments and enables the future of connected and autonomous vehicles. Blyncsy's Movement Platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools.

Movement. Data. Intelligence.


Salt Lake tech firm to help Idaho navigate eclipse traffic

SALT LAKE CITY — As millions across the country prepare to journey into the path of totality to experience the upcoming solar eclipse, there's one scenario that Idaho highway officials are hoping doesn't come to fruition — that the expected 500,000 to 1 million visitors they're expecting turn I-15 itself into the most populated viewing area in the Gem State.

"We're not sure what to expect exactly, but there is a chance that traffic could come to a complete standstill during the eclipse," said Idaho Transportation Department Resident Engineer Scott Redding. "If everybody stops, that might be OK, but if only some people do, that could be a major problem."

Salt Lake company brings tracking technology to solve movement problems

Salt Lake company brings tracking technology to solve movement problems

Service helps transportation planners, Sundance festival, and could play role with driverless vehicles

SALT LAKE CITY — For most people, being stuck behind a red light at an intersection in which you are the only driver and waiting, for no apparent reason, for the cycle to come back around is an exercise that can lead to frustration and bewilderment.

For Mark Pittman, one such experience on a frosty winter night near the University of Utah a few years back presented a problem that he decided to solve — and it turned out to be the first steps toward the creation of a Salt Lake City tech company that is specializing in unraveling the when, where, how and why of human movement.

"I got stuck at a traffic light in 2014 leaving campus one night and didn’t understand why," Pittman said. "The next day I called a city traffic engineer and asked why and he was nice enough to invite me to meet with him. He told me over an hour and a half conversation that Utah has one of the best transportation systems in the nation, (the Utah Department of Transportation) is considered a pioneer in innovation, we have sensors on a lot of traffic lights and, essentially, you shouldn’t be complaining.

"And that wasn’t good enough for me."

What was Sundance 2017 worth to Utah's economy? $151.5 million, firm says

Previous studies estimated about 45K attended the festival, but new measure using cellphone tracking boosts figure to 71K.

A new economic impact study by the Utah firm Y2 Analytics, commissioned by Robert Redford's Sundance Institute and released Wednesday, shows that an estimated 71,638 people attended some part of the 11-day January festival in Park City, Salt Lake City and the Sundance resort.

In the past few years, Sundance's attendance figure has hovered around the 45,000 mark, with an estimated 46,660 at the 2016 festival.

​Blyncsy Partners With Former CDOT Executive Director, Don Hunt

Don Hunt, of The Antero Company and former Executive Director of CDOT, is partnering with Blyncsy to improve movement data solutions. #SmartCity  #IoT  #BigData  #Analytics #MovementDataIntelligence


Blyncsy is proud to announce a new partnership with one of the most respected leaders in intelligent transportation systems and roadway operations, Don Hunt. The partnership with Blyncsy and Hunt deepens collaborative efforts to bring movement analytics solutions to smart cities.  

Mark Pittman, CEO of Blyncsy, commented, "Don's experience and passion for the space are unmatched. He's been on the cutting-edge of intelligent transportation systems and we are grateful to be able work with him to provide the next generation of solutions."

Don has built his career developing urban transportation solutions. As the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, Hunt moved the agency forward in intelligent transportation systems and roadway operations. Hunt also served on national committees focusing on emerging connected and automated mobility.  He is also the founder of Mobility Choice, an ongoing public-private effort to ready the Denver region for technology-enabled mobility.

"Having Don as a part of the Blyncsy team gives us a unique vantage point in terms of product development and delivering value to the market," says Victor Gill, Chief of Product at Blyncsy.

The Blyncsy suite of solutions - from the Pulse Analytics toolset, to the Movement Insight Engine - is built to deliver actionable insights from volumes of data.The Blyncsy platform centers around interoperabilit with a wide variety of data sources, including the Blync family of sensors and probe data.  

Hunt says of Blyncsy: "The team at Blyncsy continues to impress me. They have some really great technology; but more importantly they're committed to providing solutions that make an impact. I'm energized at the prospect of what we can do together."

About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments. Blyncsy's Movement Insight Engine assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools.

Movement. Data. Intelligence.

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Park City & Summit County Awarded "Smart Communities"

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—(Apr 12, 2017) Park City, Utah  and Summit County, Utah were awarded the "Smart Communities" distinction today. The designation comes as a result of the deployment and implementation of the Blyncsy Smart City system installed throughout Park City and Summit County. Through this innovative technology platform local leaders are able to monitor the vitality of their community by taking the Pulse of the traffic grid in real-time.

The Blyncsy Smart City system uses an array of sensor technologies that anonymously collect data on the movements of traffic, and combine these data with the existing data-sets the City and County alread have. Together this platform allows for real-time monitoring of traffic conditions including travel time and congestion.

Idaho Dept. of Transportation builds Smart Work Zones with Blyncsy

As reported by the East Idaho News

POCATELLO – To aid traffic flow for tens of thousands of drivers during upcoming construction on Interstate 15 in eastern Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is turning to new technology. Bluetooth-based roadway sensors in the Interstate 15 median will provide real-time travel information during construction starting later this spring.

Between this spring and next year, ITD will resurface deteriorated pavement on I-15 and make numerous bridge repairs. Construction will include multiple work zones along a 140-mile stretch of I-15 between Utah and Montana.

More than 50 sensors will be connected to portable message signs (similar to those seen in this picture, but attached to poles rather than sign posts) located at the beginning of construction zones to communicate traffic impacts ahead. Sensors pick up the Bluetooth signal on phones or in vehicles as they pass any two points in the work zone, and the times between them are calculated in order to find average travel speeds.

ITD will also make the real-time travel data available to the public through a mobile app being developed, and is working to place the information on the project website.

The sensors will help ITD monitor traffic conditions during summer/fall construction, and during the winter months.

“This technology will give us reliable traffic data we can use to maximize traffic flow and make our work zones safer,” said Dan Harelson, ITD District 5 Engineering Manager. “ITD is asking motorists to plan extra time to travel through construction. Pay attention to signage and changing traffic patterns this summer.”

Similar Bluetooth sensors have been used successfully at various places in Idaho and Utah. The sensors will be removed once construction is complete on I-15. Additional sensors will be installed on U.S. 20 and U.S. 91 during the same timeframe.

To request email updates during I-15 construction, email or text INTERSTATE15 to 22828. The I-15 App will be available later this year on Google Play and the App Store.

Blyncsy Launches Pulse, a State-of-the-Art Movement Analytics System Built for DOTs, Metros and Cities

Blyncsy Pulse provides insights into how movement patterns impact capital road projects and planning. #SmartCity  #IoT  #BigData  #Analytics

blyncsy logo 2017-rgb_stacked.png

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 18th, 2017 — Understanding how people move is critical in analyzing, planning, and improving our roadways. Blyncsy Pulse gives Civil Engineers, Planners, and their Consulting Partners insights to improve the outcomes of their projects. From slicing and dicing origins & destinations, events, weather, seeing changes in volumes, getting detailed travel time information, to reliability metrics Pulse empowers its users to see through the mounds of data into meaningful patterns and insights.

Blyncsy Pulse is built on the Blyncsy Movement Platform. “The Movement Engine and Platform connects the internet of things to a robust big data analytics engine, allowing various data sources to come together.  We then apply our advanced algorithms to get at some incredible insights” says Victor Gill, Chief of Product at Blyncsy. “We’ve spent countless hours with Project Managers, Civil Engineers and Planners to create a simple and intuitive interface to present this sophisticated analysis.”

The launch of Blyncsy Pulse also marks the launch of Pulse IO, the input/output system for Pulse. Pulse IO connects your various data sources with the Movement Engine and allows users to pull raw data directly from Pulse. Using an API driven architecture Pulse IO provides increased access to your most meaningful data, including connectivity to DMS/VMS systems. Other key features of Pulse include account management, origins and destinations, travel times, segment management, flex charts, event management, group behavior profiles, and weather analysis.

“A highly integrated system is what Blyncsy is committed to providing our partners” says Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman. The Pulse Network allows users to see beyond a given sensor deployment, breaking down the boundaries of smart cities. The Pulse product seamlessly integrates with our current line of sensors as well as a variety of external detection technologies. From the Blync-1212 Bluetooth and Wifi sensor to our newest Blync-1218 sensor, Pulse makes understanding your data easy. 

“The release of Pulse gives our partners what they have been asking for in a simple scalable package, it’s one of many exciting products we are working on,” says Pittman. Current Blyncsy customers automatically qualify for an upgrade to Pulse.


Learn more about Blyncsy Pulse

About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Focused on location analytics and big data science Blyncsy helps its customers understand movement through various environments. Blyncsy's Movement Platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people by providing insights across data sets. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools. 

Movement. Data. Intelligence.

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Full Name: Carlee McFarland
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SLC Startup Blyncsy Selected as Winter Innovation Summit Finalist

Salt Lake-based startup Blyncsy announced today that it has been selected as a finalist in the 21st Century Communities Challenge. Blyncsy’s CEO Mark Pittman will be pitching to a panel of distinguished mayors from across the US at the third annual Winter Innovation Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, held January 25 – 27, 2017. The 21st Century Communities Challenge urges start-ups and early stage tech companies to “submit innovative technologies that can make communities safer, cleaner, more sustainable, or more connected. The desired results of adoption would include making local governments smarter, more transparent, accountable, effective, and efficient.” (

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman responded to the announcement today by saying “we are thrilled to be a part of the 21st Century Communities Challenge and for opportunity to tell the world about our vision for Smart Cities”.

Blyncsy Hires New Chief of Product Victor Gill

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—(Nov. 10, 2016) - Salt Lake startup Blyncsy today announced the hire of Chief of Product, Victor Gill. The company's movement insight platform allows cities, companies and leaders to better understand and ultimately make better decisions around the movements of people.

"Blyncsy is inventing new ways to better understand how people move by gaining insight from its specialized data set," said Gill. "By working closely with our customers we hope to gain perspective that can drive the smart cities of tomorrow. Our hope is to make movement safer, more efficient and more sustainable." 

Victor brings extensive experience in startup product management. Victor is a passionate lifelong student of the Product discipline. Prior to joining Blyncsy, Victor worked to accelerate the growth of startups such as Stylyze in Seattle and Arena Solutions in Silicon Valley. Victor also led Product at MasterControl and Bask, in Utah. 

In addition to his executive experience, Victor has been an energetic contributor in the academic world as a professor at the University of Utah. Victor has taught classes ranging from information systems to entrepreneurship and marketing. Victor also held the role of director of the University of Utah's startup accelerator. Victor earned his BS and MS in information systems from the University of Utah.


About Blyncsy

Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the power of big data and location analytics, Blyncsy helps its customers understand how connected devices are moving throughout an environment. Blyncsy's powerful platform assists departments of transportation, cities and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people. Blyncsy was founded to give cities, companies and leaders better decision-making tools. Blyncsy's sensors capture the movements of people and connected devices anonymously, so that Blyncsy can deliver unique insights in a way that allows everyone to Move Forward Faster™.

Blyncsy Hires New Chief of Strategy & Growth

Blyncsy is excited to introduce its newest team member, Jack Vines. Jack will be acting in the role of Chief of Strategy & Growth at Blyncsy, and brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to the organization. 

Jack's previous role was at Verisk Analytics where he served as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy. In this role Jack partnered with Verisk’s world-wide business leadership to develop their go-to-market strategy, driving key partnership and acquisition opportunities. Prior, Jack was the Chief of Compliance and Data Security for Verisk’s Healthcare division which subsequently sold in 2016 for $820M. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Jack sat on the leadership team that sold MediConnect, a healthcare data analytics company, to Verisk for nearly $350M.  

Prior to Jack's time at Verisk, he served as an Operations Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). During his time at the CIA, Jack developed an expertise in source development, high-threat environment operations, strategic planning and counter terrorism operations. Prior to the CIA, Jack worked at Microsoft where he developed technology solutions that facilitated businesses' international growth. Always seeking ways to grow and develop businesses, Jack came to Microsoft via another technology start-up. 

Jack holds a BA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

Blyncsy Closes $2.5M Seed Round

Blyncsy is moving full speed ahead, announcing today the close of a $2.5 million seed round led by Peterson Ventures and Pelion Venture, both of Salt Lake City with participation from Subtraction Capital and others.

“Eighteen months ago I came up with the idea while sitting at a traffic light, today we’re changing the world,” said Mark Pittman, CEO of Blyncsy, who founded the company while pursuing an MBA and JD degree and participating in the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the U. 

Blyncsy Launches First City-Wide Deployment: Park City, Utah


On Tuesday June 10, 2015 Blyncsy, Inc. launched it first city-wide deployment in Park City, Utah. This historic achievement was made possible by coordination with Park City and Blyncsy.

This 60 day pilot will help Park City planners and administrators to understand traffic flows, for urban planning, transit and parking as well as economic development and events throughout the City.

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman said "with today's launch we are showing the world how Blyncsy systems and services will reduce inefficiency, make for smarter city planning and allow cities to lead the charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and traffic idling. Blyncsy is on the cutting edge of making the world a better place, and getting you Moving Forward Faster."

The Pac-12 Network featured the University of Utah in it's "Conference of Champions" documentary. The segment features the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, Lassonde Studios and student entrepreneur Mark Pittman. This video is republished with permission from the Pac-12 Network.

Blyncsy Featured on PAC 12 Network

The PAC 12 Network in concert with the University of Utah and the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute highlighted Blyncsy, and our Founder and CEO Mark Pittman in a short video that aired on the PAC 12 channel on the "Conference of Champions". The video focuses on Mark's creation of Blyncsy while he was a student at the University of Utah, and the resources that the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute provided that allowed Blyncsy to become what it is today. The video will air throughout the late Spring and early Summer of 2015 on the PAC 12 Network.

Blyncsy named finalist in Utah Innovation Awards

The Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council, have named Blyncsy a 2015 finalist in the Enterprise Software, Cloud, and Big Data category.

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman will accept the award on the company's behalf at an awards luncheon in April. Pittman said, "We are thrilled to have been named a finalist this year and to share our vision for a more efficient and faster future, powered by Blyncsy. We had many worthy competitors and are grateful to Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council for their support. We want to thank all of the entrepreneurs and innovators who help shine a light on the "silicon-slopes" of Utah and our growing eco-system." 

Blyncs Sensors make their debut at Snowbird Ski Resort


On Sunday, January 11th, 2015 Blyncsy came to Snowbird Ski Resort, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our first Blyncs sensor made its debut on the chickadee run, allowing Blyncsy to get a feel for deploying in remote environments under extreme weather conditions.

After the first 24 hours, all systems were up and running flawlessly. This initial deployment was a test to allow Snowbird Ski Resort to see the value and power of the Blyncsy ecosystem in generating data for skier traffic and visualizing the demand that mountain traffic is placing on resort equipment. 

Blyncsy has primed this deployment for the height of the ski season, allowing the Blyncsy team to understand the impact of snow and weather conditions on the quality of our data and evaluate any potential hiccups Blyncs sensors might face. 

Blyncsy gets its first customer

The Blyncsy team is excited to announce its first customer, the University of Utah, and the launch of the University of Utah Blyncsy Systems and Services™ insights platform. An initial deployment of five Blyncs sensors is helping the University to understand the flow of traffic in and around campus, from pedestrians and bicyclists to cars and public transit users.

Blyncsy's technology will allow the University to map and model the number of students who take public transit to campus versus those who commute in their own cars, including the time of day, duration of stay, and direction of their approach to campus. The technology will also provide students with the best place to park as they approach campus, and help tailgaters find the best place to light up their grill as they gear up for football games.

Its all about getting U Moving Forward Faster!

Blyncsy team welcomes Chief Technology Officer: Patrick Brown

This morning we are happy to announce that Patrick Brown has joined the Blyncsy team as its Chief Technology Officer.

Patrick brings a wealth of experience to the Blyncsy team. In the past five years Patrick has worked with collaborators at Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and National Rehabilitation Hospital, among others, on research studies leveraging big data to improve health care in various clinical areas. Patrick earned his BS in Mathematics from the University of Utah. Patrick's desire to help drive and foster innovation that improves lives makes him a great fit for the Blyncsy team.