Blyncsy Launches First City-Wide Deployment: Park City, Utah


On Tuesday June 10, 2015 Blyncsy, Inc. launched it first city-wide deployment in Park City, Utah. This historic achievement was made possible by coordination with Park City and Blyncsy.

This 60 day pilot will help Park City planners and administrators to understand traffic flows, for urban planning, transit and parking as well as economic development and events throughout the City.

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman said "with today's launch we are showing the world how Blyncsy systems and services will reduce inefficiency, make for smarter city planning and allow cities to lead the charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and traffic idling. Blyncsy is on the cutting edge of making the world a better place, and getting you Moving Forward Faster."

The Pac-12 Network featured the University of Utah in it's "Conference of Champions" documentary. The segment features the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, Lassonde Studios and student entrepreneur Mark Pittman. This video is republished with permission from the Pac-12 Network.