Park City & Summit County Awarded "Smart Communities"

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—(Apr 12, 2017) Park City, Utah  and Summit County, Utah were awarded the "Smart Communities" distinction today. The designation comes as a result of the deployment and implementation of the Blyncsy Smart City system installed throughout Park City and Summit County. Through this innovative technology platform local leaders are able to monitor the vitality of their community by taking the Pulse of the traffic grid in real-time.

The Blyncsy Smart City system uses an array of sensor technologies that anonymously collect data on the movements of traffic, and combine these data with the existing data-sets the City and County alread have. Together this platform allows for real-time monitoring of traffic conditions including travel time and congestion.

The platform also allows local government leaders to make data driven decisions; including the ability to test new policies and strategies in small pilots and use the technology to provide data driven feedback on their impacts and effectiveness. The technology has been critical for monitoring economic activity in the region, meshed with sensors at the Salt Lake City Airport the City & County are able to identify skier traffic and prepare for a higher than normal crowd on ski days, and are also able to quantify the impact of events like the Sundance Film Festival.

"We're thrilled to be leaders for our community, bringing the technology revolution to guide smarter government decision making and stretch our taxpayer dollars that extra mile" said Summit County Transportation Director Caroline Rodriguez. This first of a kind technology deployment was incubated at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Center at the University of Utah and initially deployed in Park City nearly two years ago.

"The ability to monitor the real-time state of your community 24/7 and 365 has been astounding, even more impressive is the enormous amounts of data and the power it give us as City employees to make our community even better than it already is," said Alfred Knotts. 


Blyncsy is a tech start-up headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the power of big data and location analytics, Blyncsy helps its customers understand how connected devices are moving throughout an environment. Blyncsy's powerful platform assists departments of transportation, cities, and other private and public entities to better understand the habits and trends of people. Blyncsy™ was founded to give cities, companies, and leaders better decision-making tools; Movement Data Intelligence Delivered.