Blyncsy announces David Sacharny as Director of Systems Engineering & Development

Today Blyncsy is pleased to announce the promotion of David Sacharny to Director of Systems Engineering and Development. For over two years, David has been with Blyncsy in the role of Senior Engineer and working to further develop Blyncsy’s embedded systems, software development and data science capabilities.

"David's contribution to the Blyncsy team, his technical abilities and expertise in sensor fusion and intelligence, have been invaluable to the company. We cannot wait to see him excel in his new role and help take Blyncsy to new heights." —Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman

David's contributions have allowed Blyncsy to quickly take the lead as one of the most innovative and cutting edge technology companies in the world of traffic management, analytics and connected vehicles. David will lead the engineering and development efforts behind the next generation of Blyncsy’s systems and solutions.

david 2018 bw sq.png