Blyncsy named finalist in Utah Innovation Awards

The Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council, have named Blyncsy a 2015 finalist in the Enterprise Software, Cloud, and Big Data category.

Blyncsy CEO Mark Pittman will accept the award on the company's behalf at an awards luncheon in April. Pittman said, "We are thrilled to have been named a finalist this year and to share our vision for a more efficient and faster future, powered by Blyncsy. We had many worthy competitors and are grateful to Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council for their support. We want to thank all of the entrepreneurs and innovators who help shine a light on the "silicon-slopes" of Utah and our growing eco-system." 

Blyncs Sensors make their debut at Snowbird Ski Resort


On Sunday, January 11th, 2015 Blyncsy came to Snowbird Ski Resort, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Our first Blyncs sensor made its debut on the chickadee run, allowing Blyncsy to get a feel for deploying in remote environments under extreme weather conditions.

After the first 24 hours, all systems were up and running flawlessly. This initial deployment was a test to allow Snowbird Ski Resort to see the value and power of the Blyncsy ecosystem in generating data for skier traffic and visualizing the demand that mountain traffic is placing on resort equipment. 

Blyncsy has primed this deployment for the height of the ski season, allowing the Blyncsy team to understand the impact of snow and weather conditions on the quality of our data and evaluate any potential hiccups Blyncs sensors might face. 

Blyncsy gets its first customer

The Blyncsy team is excited to announce its first customer, the University of Utah, and the launch of the University of Utah Blyncsy Systems and Services™ insights platform. An initial deployment of five Blyncs sensors is helping the University to understand the flow of traffic in and around campus, from pedestrians and bicyclists to cars and public transit users.

Blyncsy's technology will allow the University to map and model the number of students who take public transit to campus versus those who commute in their own cars, including the time of day, duration of stay, and direction of their approach to campus. The technology will also provide students with the best place to park as they approach campus, and help tailgaters find the best place to light up their grill as they gear up for football games.

Its all about getting U Moving Forward Faster!

Blyncsy team welcomes Chief Technology Officer: Patrick Brown

This morning we are happy to announce that Patrick Brown has joined the Blyncsy team as its Chief Technology Officer.

Patrick brings a wealth of experience to the Blyncsy team. In the past five years Patrick has worked with collaborators at Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and National Rehabilitation Hospital, among others, on research studies leveraging big data to improve health care in various clinical areas. Patrick earned his BS in Mathematics from the University of Utah. Patrick's desire to help drive and foster innovation that improves lives makes him a great fit for the Blyncsy team.