Meet one of the Smartest Cities in the U.S.

2 years ago, Park City, Utah, a resort community known for legendary skiing and the Sundance Film Festival, took a massive leap forward with the deployment of its first Blyncsy sensor network. Since 2015 Park City has been utilizing a city-wide network of smart sensors to understand traffic conditions and travel times, effects of events on the community and how to plan for the future.

Smart Traffic in Smart Cities

For 21st Century cities, actions speak louder than words -- and data has to be actionable and available in real-time. Through the deployment of Blyncsy sensors, communities like Park City are able to continuously monitor the performance and health of their roadways. Bringing existing data sets and new insights into a single user interface is the Blyncsy vision and the Pulse analytics platform drives better decision making and support by combining a world-class user experience with fast, intelligent insights. 


Drive Economic Development in Your City

Our Pulse analytics tool allows you to understand the pace and movement of your city, facilitate better tax incentives, help new businesses become more successful and so much more, all while building the world's Smartest Data Network for Smart Cities


Spotlight: Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Institute's annual Film Festival is known internationally, and brings thousands of people from around the globe. Orchestrating an event of this prominence and size is no easy task, and for the second year in a row Sundance partnered with Park City to utilize Blyncsy to make the 2017 Festival another success. 

Through the use of Blyncsy sensors in Sundance film venues, and other critical points including the Salt Lake City Airport and Kimbal Junction in Summit County, the Sundance Institute was able to quantify the impact of the event on the State of Utah. Additionally, the Sundance operations team and Park City work closely to coordinate everything from traffic management, parking and bus scheduling. Data from the Pulse analytics platform makes it easier for these teams to see the real-time effect of new traffic management techniques and analyze historical data to prepare for future festivals. 


Park City: Client Testimonial

“Blyncsy’s live data has allowed us to develop targeted action plans to respond to high traffic days in ways that, in the past, simply were not possible. Blyncsy has been a valued partner in areas of traffic management and event planning – and we are now looking to use their services to support other activities such as understanding trail utilization patterns and economic impact forecasting. We have been partners with Blyncsy for over a year and they have exceeded my expectations. Blyncsy’s technology solution is innovative and their team is bright and creative. That combination has made Blyncsy an invaluable partner. I highly recommend  Blyncsy as a true partner who can help your organization understand the habits and trends of your citizens or customers.” 



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